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Beata K
5 5
Deborah R
Agent Always great speaking with Charley
Dee P
Director of Business Development Review of Mike Johnson Its was great. Very Informative. I got alot if not all my questions answered and a form of direction on how to move forward with things.
Ebony P
Career Consultation It was informative. Charley gave me tips and recommendations to pursue my goals for 2019!
LaMarr J
Appointment Review Greetings,thank you for reaching out to me. My appointment with Mike when very well. He was both friendly and informative at the same time. The intake process took only minutes to complete. It was a pleasant experience and I look forward to working with Mike and the Real People Realty staff.
Realtor He was so clear i want to work with this people.
Candy S
5 Stars Review of Christina Wallek Charley is always awesome. The appointment was very good. She listened to my questions and answered all of them with patience. She was very informative and nice. I received everything I come for plus more.
. Had a great meeting with Mike Johnson. I appreciate the time he took to explain the organization. The resources available for realtors is impressive and helpful. Sounds like a great team in place to work with as well.
Diana B
Appointment Review My appointment with Mike was very informative. He went into detail to explain to me what it's needed to become a new broker, and the advantages there are for the broker to join Real People Realty over other companies.
Zeny A
1st meeting for new broker Charley- she is fantastic, patient and helpful
Adam A
Team at Mokena Mike Johnson was very courteous and helpful in answering all my questions.Guided me through the sign up process . Everyone in office was pleasant and courteous.
Kim L
Event Planning-Review/Coaching The information and advice was right on target to accomplish the goals set for this event. Thanks Steve. It's great to know you and Tim are always available to help us succeed.
Anthony M
5 I was very impressed with the information I received from Mike. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of Mt questions and gave great insight of the company. I am looking forward to working at Real People Realty and growing my business.
Mike The appointment went well. It was informative and useful.
Broker Very interactive and all tech issues were solved
👍🏾 Great interview! I came with my decision mostly made, but I still had a few questions and joining RPR was a no-brainer because of their company culture and setup. Very easy decision.
Broker My interaction with Mike was positive and professional. He was knowledgeable, informative and helpful.
Beata K
5 5
Beata K
5 5
Joan M
Appt. with Mike Mike was professional and answered all of my questions. He was informed and friendly.
Broker My interaction with Mike was positive and professional. He was knowledgeable, informative and helpful.
Beverly L
Appointment My appt with Steve went very well. He showed me a lot of stuff on the computer which helped me a lot. I really appreciated his time. I am very happy with RPR and can’t wait for my business to take off.
Exactly what I needed Charley, was very encouraging, supportive and helped me plan out the start of my business/career perfectly.
Dreena J
Agent Support I would like to say that my meeting with Charley was very informative. She was also able to provide me with the details to clear up a few roadblocks I encountered. RPR has been available every time I have needed help. Thanks!
Anthony M
5 Review of Christina Wallek Outstanding
Sara C
agent appointment Review of Mike Johnson My appointment was very informational and helpful. Everybody I encountered was friendly, and Mike answered all of my questions and gave me great guidance!
Aqua P
Agent Services Charley was great! She was the epitome of professionalism...and genuinely pleasant. She truly made me feel welcomed as a new agent. I look forward to having her as my mentor. Thanks Charley
Karen L
Agent My meetings are always productive and informative
Edward P
Great Broker for the Agent! I am a current agent with Real People and I can't say enough about the supportive spirit of the leadership here. You will have all the tools, all the training, and all the support you need to be successful -give them a call!
Marcus C
Excellent interaction! As usual I was pleased by the lengths Real People, specifically Tim, goes to be a resource to me as broker both on individual deals and overall in my career. Great experiences are being stacked on top of one another. Very pleased with the entire Real People Realty experience.
Colleen G
Fantastic! Mike was great! Very knowledgeable, he seemed to know the answers before I asked the question, which shows that he actually had the answers. He was very patient, and was kind enough to stay to accommodate my schedule. I look forward to working with you all!
David S
First face to face meeting It was great to finally meet Mike in person. After 3 years exploring my options, the amount of marketing support, upside and good company is just right. Looking forward to mutual success.
Warren T
Good Meeting The meeting went very well. Answered all my questions. Very impressed with the operation. I’ll need a little time but my thoughts are to move over to you if the offer is there. We’ll stay in touch.
Great help Charley was very always
Malcolm T
Great Interview I really like the company and Mike Johnson was very informative and easy to talk with. I can tell he loves the company and working there.
Terrance A
Great Realty Company What RPR offers you cannot find. Sean is great at explaining the benefits to agents and very good interview. He took the tone to learn my goals and explained how they will align with RPR.
Niveen J
Great service Mike was very informative and patient.
Great support, low cost A real estate broker is an independent entrepreneur, you are in charge of your business but you cannot do it without a team support. From the interview, I get tge feeling that Real People Realty is the best support team a broker needs to build your business. In other side, it's a great mentor system to help brokers going on the right track
Marcie M
Initial Interview Mike was very informative and help me open my eyes as to why making the transition from my other brokerage to this one is going to be best for me and my business. I'm excited to get this going.
Francisco G
Initiation Interview I had the pleasure to interview with Mike, and I was amazed with all the opportunities to grow my business that Real People Realty offers.
Linda H
Interview My interview with Mike of RPR was excellent! Mike is personable, articulate, and impressively knowledgeable about the market. He welcomed me warmly and listened to my concerns and questions in seeking a new company. RPR is fortunate to have Mike as their Business Development Manager. Thank you.
Juan E
Interview Was Great! I will be signing up as an agent with RPR. Sorry for delay, big family gathering this weekend.
LaTasha D
Meeting My appointment went real well with Mike. I really feel the company is a great fit for me and my future endeavors. Thank you for meeting with me.
Irina B
meeting It was nice to meet with Mike. The meeting was very informative and I'll have in mind your company.
Andrea M
Meeting My meeting with Mr. Ryan went very well and he is an outstanding gentleman! He listened to all of my concerns and helped me get them resolved. I would refer anyone to him!
Matricia J
Meeting with Steve Our end of the year meeting was nothing short of amazing!
Sharise W
Member Services Assistance Charley is extremely knowledgeable! I had a million questions, and had no clue as to how to submit a contract using dotloop. With Charley's assistance, I was able to submit my offer. All my questions were answered with patience and professionalism. I'm grateful for her responsiveness and willingness to help me at such short notice. Thank you, Charley!
Zia M
Mike Johnson Zia Mohammed
Much needed direction Mrs. Gallovitch was very informative and took time to explained things that i should've already known to me. I am very grateful and will be even more so when i actually put her advice to use and start to make some money. Anyway she's great and doesn't seem to mind helping, thanks again.
Joy R
My interview with Mike My interview with Mike was absolutely awesome. We talked about everything from growing my business to networking. The interview was also a learning experience. Mike has outgoing personality and made me feel comfortable. I'm exited to be a new member at Real People!
Linda M
Real great opportunity Real People Realty has a lot to offer brokers to achieve their goals and build their business.
Tech issues Resolved and connected
Mike P
Agent Review of Mike Johnson Mike did a great job explaining RPR. He was very knowledgeable of the company, its technology, and where they're headed into the future.
Brenton A. Lindsey
Agent Interview was great at explaining your company
Kim I
Always Helpful My weekly call with Steve is always beneficial. He offers good ideas and suggestions. It helps to keep me on track and focused.
Kim I
Always Helpful I enjoy my calls with Steve. He is always helpful and has a wealth of ideas. He is great at keeping me on track. Love working with him
Carrie K
Appointment with Charley It went really well. Charley was very patient with me and went over all the preliminary things that I needed to get going with the business. We got aquatinted as well. It was a pleasant experience and I thank her very much
Carol N
Appointment with Charley Excellent! However, I still have a lot to learn. She is very patient and helpful.
Sofia S
Appointment with Mike Mike was very informative and helpful. Excited to join Real People Realty
Heidi F
Appt. Charley was very nice, listened to what I needed and will follow up soon. Thanks.
Patty G
Appt. With Mike Very informative
Sandra G
Assistance with my 1st Commercial Listing I always speak highly of the support, training, and help that Real People Realty offers. And yesterday the guidance and help that Charley provided me with is more evident of why I do. Although, I got the listing, I didnt know where to begin and the two hours that she spent helping me to prepare to put the strip mall on the market was awesome. And although I have my managing broker license I am not ready to go, unless they franchise, they have a great working model.
Jessica W
Awesome Review of Mike Johnson My experience with Mike Johnson and transferring companies was awesome and smooth. I could not have asked for an easier transition.
Sharise W
Awesome! Well, what can I say, my meeting with Mike was professional, informative, motivating and funny at different times. Mike is the perfect person for this position! In one word, my meeting was AWESOME! Glad to be back!
Nikki K
Awesome!! Awesome!!!!!
Jerrell D
Awesome, awesome, just awesome!! My meeting with Steve was a very unique experience; it was helpful, encouraging, and most of all . . . productive. The atmosphere was a relaxed one, yet the discussion was extremely targeted and to the point, in regards to where I am in my business, where I'd like to go, and how he and the rest of the team will help me get there. So knowledgeable, experienced, and understanding, safe to say I feel empowered having guys like Steve and Tim to have my back!
Chonnetta L
Awesome Company My interview with Mike was one of the best interviews I've had in a long time. He provided me with all the information I needed, and then some! He also has a winning personality!
Nikki K
Awesomesauce!! Awesomesauce!!
Coral O
BOOSTING POST ON FACE BOOK Review of Mike Johnson The one-on-one training from Mike was great. Thank you Mike.
Kim L
Broker Helped me with my first closing! She is my new best friend!
Kim L
Broker It was a great interview. We laughed.We spoke of past disappointments,and future expectation. Left the interview feeling excited to be working in real estate again.Thank you.
karen b
broker the interview was very informative, friendly atmosphere. . I am definately interested in joining real people reality
Jim M
Broker Very knowledgeable and great help. Charley was wonderfully helpful
Marcus M
Broker Broker
Kim L
Broker She has saved my life several times. I love her
Pamela C
Broker Excellent
Kim L
Broker Very helpful. Clarified information.
Marcus M
broker thanks
Andrea P
Broker Review of Charley Gallovtich Charley is always helpful and willing to assist. She is a definite asset to our team.
Synesha P
Broker Associate I;m super excited and can't wait to get started 👍🏽
Terry D
Broker - Associate My appointment with Mike Johnson was great! He was very easy to talk to and I am excited about joining Real People Realty. This is more of a corporate atmosphere than where I was before. This is what I am used to with my career experience in construction management. I am very happy to be a part of this team. Sincerely, Terry Daliege
Broker's Choice I am a new broker and just recently joined RPR. Mike Johnson along with the rest of the staff have been very knowledgeable and helpful. RPR's business model is real and very fair. If you are a broker looking to join a Realty Company, I highly recommend giving Real People Realty a chance. CK
Gina M
Business Consult Speaking with Tim was great! Laid out a business plan to start my career. Can't wait to start applying them.
D'Andrea W
business consult very informative
Brenda F
Business plan The meeting was very informative and motivational. I learned a lot and know what I need to do with my business to be successful and where I need to concentrate my efforts.
Maya F
Business Review As always Tim was very helpful and patient. I love working with him.
Maya F
Business Review As always Tim was very helpful and patient. I love working with him.
Rose C
Camareno Review of Mike Johnson Mike provided an excellent insight of the brokerage.
Jim T
Career Consult Steve was the ultimate professional. We discussed ideas for marketing, ways to increase lead generation, and ideas for fostering additional growth in my business. I left the meeting feeling uplifted, encouraged and confident that my Brokers had my best interest at heart!
Jim T
Career Consult I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Steve. He made me think of a couple of things to help me in the near future and helped me lay out a great plan for success in my business for the long run!
Michelle B
Career Consultation Charley did an excellent job of instructing me on what I should be doing daily in order to be successful. She was organized and thorough.and I look forward to our follow up meetings.
Basavaraj B
Career Consult with Tim I met with Tim to discuss on my career goals and leads. Tim was very helpful and provided me lot of information on all the tools and explained me in detail as to how I could utilize those to generate leads and grow my career. It was a very good meeting and Tim helped me answer all my questions during my 2 hour meeting.
Charley Charley was very helpful. A great help. Thanks Charley
Patty C
Charley Review of Charley Gallovtich Charley was awesome,very helpful truly great asset to your company 5 stars
Judith D
Charley Charley spent much time going over a variety of questions that would pop up. While doing one thing, a question in another area would present itself. At the end of the initial topic, Charley would remember the popped up question and go back to it. She did not rush the process, took everything in stride. I waited to respond to this as several things came up after our time together ended. I had to contact Charley and left her messages. She returned each and every message in a timely manner. Charley was most gracious and wonderful in her attitude. I would say that Charley is DEFINITELY an asset to Real People Realty. P.S. And she never said anything that our time together went into what would have been her lunch time.
Anthony M
Charley It was AWESOME!
Kathleen C
Charley Se ws great. Enjoyed the refresher and JoAnn thoughtshe was extremely helpful.
Patrice W
Charley and Mike Charley was great. I felt very comfortable. She answered all my questions. Also, she made me comfortable to call her any time if I had any more questions....I want to say the exact same thing for Mike Johnson. Thanks
Steve P
Charley helped me with my mls listing Charley did an outstanding job as always with helping me put my listing in the MLS. Also, I must have emailed her eight times in one day and she always responded quickly. Thank you!
Mike I
Charley is awesome I recently registered for an event that I misread as a webinar. Last minute I had to cancel. Charley not only made it no problem, but she offered to schedule a private webinar for me a few days later so I could get what I missed. I was blown away. She patiently answered all my questions, never balked at the stupid ones, and remained really supportive of me. I'm humbled by all the support RPR gives its agents. I was previously with one of the big brokerages that touts it's support/training/education/etc, but it cannot touch what RPR offers, especially since most of this is for free. I've become an ardent supporter of RPR, and am so glad I made the switch.
Lindsey E
Charley is the best! Charley has been so helpful in my transition from my previous brokerage to RPR. She was very helpful in our meeting regarding my pre-listing. She answered all of my questions and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. I appreciate Charley and RPR for all they do to make sure we can efficiently and effectively help our clients and grow our business.
Rochie S
Charli Appointment went well. Charlie was very helpful and answered all my questions
Carol N
Charlie She is a huge asset. Helped me so much. I am thankful to have her there for help
Imani K
Charlotte Appointment went well...Charlotte is great!
Judith Ann D
Charlotte Gallovitch "Charley", even though I know that she is juggling a lot of things in the air, always tries to be upbeat and helpful - even to the extent on calling after hours on a Friday! It is much appreciated - especially since I would not have been contacting her, unless I really needed some help and/or answers! She is a Real Asset to Real People Realty!!!!!
Judith Ann D
Charlotte Gallovitch Charley, besides being a wealth of knowledge, is patient and thorough - I am sure she is pulled several different ways at one time, but she is always upbeat - making you the most important person when you are with her!
Jennifer B
Coaching Our meeting went great. Steve is awesome he motivated me and gave me the direction I needed to get my business to the next level. I’m excited about the future of my business.
Karry R
Coaching call Talked about getting buyer(now) business
Jim T
Coaching Call Great session. Discussed path for moving forward re: move out of state.
Karry R
Coaching call Awesome sauce! Great call
Karry R
coaching call meeting was good. talked about my schedule and facebook marketing
Jim T
Coaching Call Great session. Steve helped me navigate through a couple of pretty tough homes to comp.
Jim T
Coaching Call GREAT session. Identified a couple of things in my prospecting calls that I might consider changing in order to increase my opportunity for FSBOs and Expireds.
Jim T
Coaching Call w/Steve Great call as always. Steve gave me a few new ideas to try for prospecting.
John H
COMING A BOARD My appointment with Mike Johnson was my second and it was just to go over some details on what RPR offers for agents. I am curious enough to move forward to join RPR. I sincerely hope that we meet each others expectations.
Rich B
Conference with Charley Hello, The meeting I had with Charley went very well as did the last one she helped me with. She is very knowledgeable and a great resource for us. Thanks for providing that for us, I know I'll be contacting her again. Rich Brown
Beverly C
Consult My business "flatlined". This company makes available every foundational tool necessary to help you become as successful as your dreams and energy can cause you to be.
Eunice D
Consultation Excellent tips and tricks
Anthony W
Consultation to get Started Charley did a wonderful job in helping me get my systems back up to resume my real estate career. She was very knowledgeable about the systems and provide wonderful advice on what I could do to get listings.
Chrises A
Director Review of Christina Wallek Meeting was fantastic and extremely informative and greatly appreciated.
Mundo P
Dotloop training The training was at 6******. Knowing that all of you are there for me in my real estate career makes me feel at home. All I needed to do was to call the office and attend the training. Thank you for letting me part of Real People Realty.
Walter Myers
Down to earth... Great conversation with Mike. He was very honest and quite knowledgeable. Looking forward to joining the Real People Realty team!
Tameka L
Elite I love Tim and his coaching style. It has help me grow my business and has help me keep the drive to do more each day. Tim is amazing, He is very helpful and want to see his agents succeed in every way. Thank you Tim for everything.
Danica(Donna) B
Elite 1st Meeting I love the way my broker Tim sat down with me and spoke with me about ideas and a plan to take my business to the next level as if I was the only agent at Real People! Such a great company with great people working there to support their agents.
Bertha A
Elite group The meeting was helpful to get ideas and great tips to have a great year end.
Maya F
Elite review It went very well, as usual!👍
Maya F
Elite Team It went very well as always! Thanks Steve
Jim T
Elite Team One on One Steve provided additional ideas for prospecting. Good session.
Maya F
Elite Training Working with Steve is very educational for me. I gain confidence from his wealth of experience. Thanks Steve!
Maya F
Elite Weekly Review As always Steve is a great resource and work with!
Frieda M
Excellent Review of Mike Johnson Excellent
Deborah C
Affiong K
Excellent Very knowledgeable.
Barbara P
Explaining dot loop Review of Christina Wallek Charley was very helpful in explaining Dot loop and answering other questions. Thanks
Ivonne G
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable As a new agent I need all the help I can get. Charley provided so much needed insight and knowledge. I have a listing coming soon and it's my first transaction in general. Charley showed me in detail all the tools I will need. She eased my anxiety. Definitely a invaluable employee at RPR!
Paul Horvath
Facebook Advertising Review of Christina Wallek Charley is great! I would strongly recommend anyone looking for some additional help meet with her.
David P
Fantastic! Felt genuine to be there Mike was awesome. He went above and beyond to answer my questions. He is a stand up 1 of a kind gentleman. I am newly licensed and interviewing brokers. They easily stand out from the competition because they possess 1 word and that word is ‘understanding’. Understanding of the people, the market, and most of all understanding of their identity.
Meghana Lokrey
First time meet with Mike Mike was very helpful in explaining how RPR welcomes new agents and helps them to achieve their goals. Explained RPR marketing technology and how cost structure works. Overall good information from Mike.
John H
Follow up We looked at current listing/s on what we could improve to get them sold. We also looked at some ways for me improve my explosure and business plan.
Alicia A
Follow up Webpage, Social Media,Dotloop. Charley is great and knows her stuff very well. love her!
Eric Johnson
Friendly and Professional Onboarding The staff at Real People Realty has been extremely responsive to all of my needs as I transition into this new opportunity. Everything I needed to know about getting started was explained clearly by Mike Johnson, leaving me assured that this organization is the right fit for me.
Jose D
Good Good
Monika C
Good company to work for Mike was very helpful. I am considering joining your company
Adeola A
Great Interesting firm with opportunity to grow .
maria s
Christine I
Great! Hi, Everything went great! Charley is amazing, very helpful!
Great Concept The company is a great concept I look forward to seeing if it’s a good fit for me.
Adam Z
Great direct format that Format of business is clear, direct and upfront. Simply makes sense for current and future real estate needs.
Deyanira P
Great experience Review of Mike Johnson Mike was very knowledgeable and explained more then I expected. I’m very interested in joining the team.
Marsha G
Great experience! I had a great experience talking with Mike. He Provided me with background on tr company as well as many of the benefits it has to offer agents. I was highly impressed as he walked me through the company sites for agents as well as the training available. Thank you again Mike for your time and I look forward to working with you soon!
India C
Great Game Plan! Thanks Charley for helping me with a simple, resourceful, and straightforward game plan! It was great meeting with you as always!
Maria W
Great Interview Mike was very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.. I will need to review my contract w my current broker and get paid for all my closings but I am seriously considering joining your company.
Grace G
Helping me with For Sale By owner package Grace Gorleku
Tajuana R
I'm Excited I'm very excited to start working with Real People Realty, Inc. Mike was very patient and supportive.
Karen P
I'm in! Had a great meeting with Mike who explained beautifully the advantages of RPR. Just what I have been looking for. All signed up and awaiting the transition! Thanks!
Holly N
Initial Look at Real People Realty I was very impressed by the location and could think that any future clients would be also. I felt very comfortable in the lobby as I waited . I didn't have to wait long before I met Mike Johnson who was my contact there. I thought he was very pleasant and informative.
Initial talk I like the brokerage concept and mike was very thorough and willing to answer my many questions after our talk
Alicia A
Interview Mike did great, explained everything well, clear and thoroughly.
Ingrid S
Interview Review of Mike Johnson Fantastic
Harry F
Interview I enjoyed the conversation I had with Mike on various subjects like your culture, training, agents support, marketing tools, and commission split. I am reviewing what I now know about the company with my spouse, and hope to make a decision soon.
Tony T
Interview Everything went very well... I will follow up with Mike.
It was a very productive intervue Mike was brilliant. Smart and bright. I decided to join the company.
Learned how company works Enjoyed talking about what Real People Realtt has to offee. Great concept and sounds like agents live working for this company. Provides tge tools needed to run your business and be successful!
John L
Listing Charley helped with my very first listing. She is very patient and very thorough , really glad she's there for us.
Anthony V
Marketing Review We met at the corporate office and went over planning and marketing for the year. Review and ideas were great and I am looking forward to a great year. Very happy with the outcome.
Euricka Y
Meeting My intial meeting with Mike at Real People Realty was pleasant and professional. The office setting as well was the staff was welcoming. I left well informed about the company and I look forward to becoming an agent with Real People Realty.
Meeting With Charlotte Had a very informative meeting. All my questions were answered satisfactorily.
Younsun L
Meeting with Mike It was a great meeting with Mike. I am seriously considering to join you. I will contract you and mike as soon as I make a decision. Thank you for following up.
Gloria O
Meeting with Tim Ryan Tim is great! I truly cannot say enough about him. I'm truly happy I am part of the RPR family!
Adeel M
Mike Mike did a great job. He answered all my questions. I am still relatively new so I still need hands on training, but once I am ready to move I know I will come to RPR. Thanks for all the help.
Angela W
Moving Forward I interviewed with Mike. His all over personality was welcoming. I was given some valuable information. He gave me the tools that I needed, to get over the hurdles that I have create in my past, to obtain my licence. Everyone that I encountered at Real People Realty made me feel right at home. So, once I take care of things on my end, I will be back. Thank You in advance for the opportunity!
Yuanda R
My consultation with Tim I was very excited to talk with Tim about building my business. I believe I got exactly what I needed to get me excited again. I believe the I information I received was what I needed to fill in the blanks. I am excited about what’s to come in the coming weeks and months tro come.
New agent Review of Mike Johnson I met with Mike yesterday to talk about possibly joining RPR as an agent and the options I would have either way. The meeting was great! He was very attentive and knowledable, and definitely gave the impression that he and the rest of RPR would “have my back” if I decided to come aboard. It’s a great feeling and after meeting with multiple company’s in the area, RPR stands out for sure!
Deborah R
New Agent Meeting I sat down with Mike Johnson 11/27/18. I felt very comfortable. Mike is very welcoming and seems very approachable. He was very polite and professional. I felt Real People Realty is where I want to be.
Ebony P
New Broker The appointment with Mike went well. Very informative, he answered all my questions and offered good advice.
Pre-signup informational visit Review of Mike Johnson I recently had an informational appointment with Mike Johnson to learn more about RPR. Mike was great. No pressure, no salesy stuff. I had tons of questions and he was patient with them all and never tried to rush me out the door. He has definitely gone beyond what my current brokerage did to answer questions and help me feel comfortable with the company.
William B
Professional & Knowledgable Speaking with Mike was very motivating. He described all the resources and fees associated with RPR and was very genuine and took time to explain details and answer questions. Mike is a truest to your team and helped weight my decision to get back into real estate. I will be calling Mike soon to join on with your company!
Katy R
Real People Realty review Review of Christina Wallek I left a voice mail and am amazed by the quick response to my SOS request for Dot Loop training and help with several other things. Charley made herself available for a 1:1 session and was very thorough with her tutorial, as well as generous offering some extra tips and great advice. ( Charley, you're the best!) The support offered by management here at RPR is truly outstanding. Thank you so much.
Jessica C
Realtor My interview went very well. I am looking forward to make the move asap. Thank you Mike you are great, right on top of what I will need to make the best out of my career. Good luck to you in the meantime. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. AND of course if you have clients to refer in the meantime closer to where I live now would love to help them, provide them with top service and get you paid. :)
Mario C
Realtor Realtor
maria s
Review Steve is always great
Beverly C
Short Sale Consultation Helpful. Cheerful. Upbeat.
Candy S
Smooth I rate my meeting with Mike 5 star. My experience was easy and smooth. He answered all of my questions, and explained everything well. Mike also was friendly and easy to relate to.
Yuanda R
So excited Where do I begin? I am so excited to become apart of Real People Realty. I am most excited about the technology you have in place for your agents to succeed. I thought I would be most excited about the 100% commission, that’s great but more than that, based on the presentation given and the orientation I have completed, sounds like it’s a recipe for success all the way around as long as I do my part. Excited to join and I truly thank you for having me.
Beata K
Super Review of Steve Johnson Super
Imani K
Tech Ad Review My consultation with Tim went great learned a lot about Facebook ads and other lead generation that makes sense. Really appreciate you guys taking time out to help with the strategy of sales for my business, thanks.
Anthony M
Tech training Charlie was awesome as always!!!
Lucinda M
Very Appreciative of Getting Scheduled on Short Notice I believe this was the missing link in the training area, a designated agent to assist with agents completing contracts. Maybe in the near future you will add more assistance in this area.
Lige Howard
very good talk to you soon
Victoria K
Interview I enjoyed my interview with Mike, any and all questions were answered and I came away with more than a new brokerage but also a renewed enthusiasm for my craft!
dipali P
Interview Was able to answer all my question and No pressure to make decision.
Marci Z
Interview My interview with Mike was a really great conversation. I learned about the agency, how it works and the support they have to offer and he learned about my goals. One of those win-win situations.
Christina H
Interview with Mike Review of Mike Johnson The interview went very well. Mike was friendly, professional and he answered my questions. Not only was he was knowledgeable of Real People Realty, but he also stayed informed of statistics and information regarding other brokerages. This gave me the impression that he cares about the company and the productivity and success of the agents. I look forward to working with Real People.
Byron W
Interview with Mike Review of Mike Johnson Mike was very friendly and helpful. The interview was quick and to the point. He answered all of the questions I had and he was very detailed with the information he provided. I am happy that I have found the right fit for me on the first try. Thank you, Byron
Ruben O
Interview with Mike Johnson Very strait forward interview. Mike provided the information about the company and how the commission structure works, etc in a clear and concise manner. He answered all my questions and I felt I was well informed when the interview ended. The sign up was quick and painless.
Vernice N
Intervieww Process The interview process went smoothly. Mike was very attentive and was very interested in making sure that I would be successful with Real People Realty.
Thomas Falloon
IT support Mike Johnson is professional, knowlegable and energenic. Having a growing real estate business it is important to have a responsive detail obsessed support staff. That is the culture at "Real People Realty" and with Mike Johnson.
kathleen C
Listings 5 Star excellent
Juliette S
Loved Learning About Real People Realty I signed up with Real People Realty as a new agent after learning about what that offered. As someone brand new to this industry I needed to find a company that provided training. Because I also have a full-time job I needed flexibility and a great infrastructure for support. I believe I've found that here. I feel at home and like I'm somewhere that I can flourish. Thank you RPR for all the thought and work you've invested in building such a amazing company.
Vicki B
Marketing I can rate as 10+. Mike helped me and answered all my questions.I am thrilled to have such help. Wonderful job,Mike!
Bertha A
Maximize 2017 income Bombarded with ideas to have a plan in order to increase business. Highly recommend the Elite coach program with Real People Realty!
Karry R
Meeting She was great, super helpful with helping me with my pre listing packet
James F
Meeting The appointment went well and I do want to sign up with RPR. Please forward the necessary information to get started with your company. Thank you and I do look forward to working with RPR to progress my business. Best, James Falls
Kim W
Meeting with Chaley Good Evening, My appointment with Charley was great! She spent two hours with me showing me around the system for CMA's and helping me with preparation for my upcoming listing presentations. She also walked me through some informative information within dotloop and updated my profile to include my contact/license information. I give her 5 ⭐️ 's... Kim
Basavaraj B
Meeting with Charley My meeting with Charley was extremely helpful and productive. Charley helped me answer all my questions on my first Listing during my two hour meeting. I look forward to working with Charley in future on my other trainings.
Dora K
Meeting with Charley ****** great
Rachel G
Meeting with Charley She was very helpful. RPR is a great place to be associated with.
Dione B
Meeting with Charley Hello, I enjoyed my conversation with Charley. She is always very helpful. She providing me with guidance to get my business of the ground running. I have started taking some of those actions already. Looking forward to our next conversation.
Dora K
Meeting with Charley Review of Charley Gallovtich Very informative, made sure all my media outlets were set up properly
Maya F
Meeting with Steve I really appreciate the knowledge and experience that Steve has. He was and is always extremely helpful and polite when assisting me with getting me on track with my business, he fines the time even though his plate is always full. Thank you Steve for all you do!
Jim T
Mentoring Session Excellent session! Reviewed what has made other agents successful!
Samantha P
Mike Mike is always helpful and supportive. He helped me out a lot.
Jeff P
Mike Johnson Had a great experience meeting with Mike. He was knowledgeable and very patient with my questions. I am excited to say that RPR is now my sponsoring broker!
Barbara P
Mike Johnson Went well and have joined rpr
Harini L
Mike Johnson Thank you for taking the time to explain the process which was really helpful and for being honest. I really appreciate. Thank you
Christopher J
My first meeting with Charley I really enjoyed the time Charley and I sent discussing the business. She made me feel very welcomed and gave me a positive vibe that I was indeed making the right decision that will ensure my success in this industry in the near future and for many years to come. I was very excited upon the conclusion of our meeting, and I had the momentum I needed to keep rolling seamlessly. Charley is great, I can tell she really cares about the success of other agents within Real People Realty. I could not ask for nothing more!
Bertha S Thomas
New beginnings Met with Mike Johnson to discuss life changing events and a new journey... I was very impressed by Mr. Johnson and made to feel at ease with my decisions and choices. Thank you for the time that you took to meet with me and make me feel like the decision that I was making was a right decision.
Brenda F
Jim T
One on One Great Session! We went through my 2018 Business Plan and outlined a plan for success!
Jim T
One on One Another productive meeting. We discussed ways to increase my marketing and how to maximize marketing from the transactions I already have going.
Jim T
One on One Good meeting. Reviewed current activity and came up with new ideas for marketing.
John H
One on One It went well. We developed a list of items that I need to work on and promoting myself.
Jim T
One on One GREAT meeting! Turns out that I'm EXACTLY on the right track, in spite of my own thoughts.
Brenda F
One on One Always a good chat. I get my self moving in the right direction if I have gotten off track. Thanks Tim!!
Jim T
One on One Great call. We reviewed my activity and found that although I was aggressive in my marketing, something with Social Media wasn't working. Will evaluate to find out what needs to be fixed.
Shante H
One on one. I thoroughly enjoyed my one on one with Tim. I love his enthusiasm and zeal. I'm happy I chose Real People Realty.
Jim T
One on One Mentoring EXCELLENT Session! Steve and I talked about long-term plan!
Coral Odle
One-on- Training Review of Charley Gallovitch Charley is an excellent teacher. Very kind and patient.
Tambra C
Real Estate Broker Hey Mike - I really enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about your brokerage. I believe your company is a good fit for me and I will strongly consider joining your team after I have settled the financial part for my license renewal, MLS dues etc. I look forward to talking to you soon! Tambra
Margaret D
Real People Interview I met with Mike and he was very knowledgeable, and invited me to attend a training previous to the interview. The training was awesome, the interview was very informative, I was excited to be invited to join the Real People Group. I look forward to an excellent working relation with my peers and the office staff.
Realtor Review of Charley Gallovtich Contact Review
Patrice W
review Review of Mike Johnson mike was great, friendly and answered all my question.
Gwendolyn W
Review My time with Charley was phenomenal! She was patient and very informative. She was concerned about me understanding. She made eye contact. And she put me at ease. We are going to do it again. I know that I needed more instruction and she did too. She said, "We will need a few more sessions." Charley is the best!!!
Dione B
Review Business meeting with Charley Hello, Charley is always very helpful. She provides information that helps me grow my business. I enjoy working with her. She is a great asset.
Setup One-on-One My meeting with Charley was wonderful! She helped me in so many ways to organize my business in the beginning stages.
maria s
Steve Steve is awesome
Darlene B
Technology My appoint. W/Charley went very well, it was very helpful.
Melinda S
technology Help with Facebook page
Tech training Could not have been more helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience!!
Jeff P
Thank you Charley! Charley set me in the right direction, giving me the tools to take my RPR career to where I want it to be. She did this with a great deal of patience and knowledge, putting things in "real world" scenarios. Thank you!
Michael D
Thank you for taking your time Mike did a great job showing an interest in talking with me, which in turn helped me relax and bring out thoughts, questions, interests, etc. I think he did an honest job in presenting the tasks involved in being successful in today's real estate market and what real people realty contributes in helping agents.
Robert B
The interview I was impressed with the technology and all I was told about RPR. I intend to move over asap. Thank you
Kim W
Training Charley was very patient and attentive to my needs. She took out a couple hours of her time to insure I understood how to setup all functions and tools to build my business. Very satisfied!
Kim W
Training Charley was very patient and attentive to my needs. She took out a couple hours of her time to insure I understood how to setup all functions and tools to build my business. Very satisfied!
Malik T
Training with Charley 5 stars are the most I can rate? Thanks again Charley!!
Artra W
Training with Charley I met with Charley for assistance with setting up my accounts. She is knowledgeable, patient and answered all of my questions. Charley is the best!
Kim I
Very Beneficial Steve's one on one with me was great. He reviewed things I had not considered for my business. I would recommend everyone sitting down and reviewing their goals for their business
Shante H.
Very pleased. I am very pleased with my experiance. The office staff were warm welcoming. Charley was full of energy and HIGHLY knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable. Mike was AMAZING! He knows his craft. Mike and Charley answered all my questions in detail. This is the first realtor company that I've interviewd with and I am confident that I chose the riight company.
Daksha P
Website updates She's definitely helpful and patient
Weekly call Always a great call. The mentoring and planning for my success is beyond words.
Karry R
Weekly coaching Reviews my business Facebook advertising
Kim I
Weekly Coaching Call Had a great call with Steve. He keeps me on task and has a wealth of knowledge
Kimberly L
Weekly Coaching Call Tim's instructions, feedback and encouragement come together to create the ideal program to help me build my business.
Jim T
Weekly Meeting Good meeting. Additional ideas for marketing.
Jason T
Welcome aboard by Mike Smooth, painless, helpful, and insightful
Steve P
Worked with Charley Charley was so helpful going over things with me. Very easy to talk to and ask for help.
Haidar H
Excellent Excellent
Syed H
appointment with Caharlotte She was helpful in providing information and I decided to join RPR
Jennifer B
Appointment with Charley My appointment with Charley was a success. She made me feel good about my decision to join RPR. She was very knowledgeable, and answered all my questions as well as giving me a tour of the office and introduced me to some of the staff.
Omar D
Appointment with Steve Hi .. It was very informative. Steve did a great job giving me tips to jump start my career. thank you
Maya F
Business Consult Hi Tim, I must say that my consult with Steve was phenomenal! Steve Johnson is the one of the most patient people I know. He took his time with me and was able to get me set to do business right away. He has great energy and he didn't rush through any aspect of my consult. I really appreciate Steve. Any time I need his assistance he's there for me and he does not hesitate to take time out of his schedule to assist me. You have a great partner in Steve, he knows his stuff and it shows in his performance, his's the best! Thank you Steve you're top notch in my book!
Sandra G
Business Consult Conference Review of Tim Ryan In the 45 minutes that I spoke with Tim Ryan he shared with me some invaluable tips that will help me to take my business to the next level. And with all of the training and support that Real People Realty offers I know that this time around I am going to be far more successful than when I worked in the other Real Estate offices that offered little to no support or training. Thanks Tim
Bertha A
business review Always have great ideas to share with us to improve our business planning am appreciative to be part of RPR...
Bertha A
Business update with I always leave the office with tons of information to reach the next level. Thank you for making time to talk with me.
Deani J
Charley - Amazing Support I made an appointment with Charley to receive support around understanding my agent website as well as how to setup and utilize social media, specifically, Facebook for my business. The support that I received from Charley was amazing. She patiently answered every question that I asked, and she walked me through, VoicePad and Facebook. Prior to meeting with Charley, I had very little content on my Facebook page nor had I invited anyone to like my page. The day after our meeting, I received two referrals in my Facebook private message, and the next morning, I received a call to work with a buyer. Each of the potential clients indicated that they had seen my Facebook page and wanted to work with me. I went from 0 likes to 76 likes in one day. Charley’s knowledge and expertise enhanced my business in one day!
Interview With Mike Johnson It was very informative. My interest is piqued.
Kim L
One on One training It was excellent!Charley trained me on the tools and gave me tips on marketing that were invaluable. This training is exactly what I needed after the tutorials. Charley helped me with my website and Social Media business pages. I can’t thank her enough.
Deani J
Returning Agent Review of Tim Ryan I was previously licensed several years ago and have recently returned to the industry full-time. Since my return, I have met with Tim on several occasions. Each time, Tim has offered me very concrete and tangible advice on how to open my real estate business. He has advised me professionally and appropriately as a Sponsoring Broker, but he has also been a great source of encouragement. I was pleased with Real People Realty when I previously held my license. I am even more pleased and impressed with RPR and the wide-range of useful resources and supports they offer their agents.
Winslow F
Coaching Review of Steve Johnson This is very helpful, it will jump start my real estate career. It is educational and inspirational.
Rajah R
Elite Class Best class I have ever taken. Training and coaching together. What more can you ask for?
Karry R
Feedback Tim is super helpful with everyday things we deal with and also helps me stay on track to develop my business
Bill S
Follow up with Charley Tim, I joined RPR and am looking forward to developing my business. Thank you for this opportunity! Bill
Jesse P
Good Meeting As far as informational meetings go, this one went as very well. The recruiter from Real People Realty was enthusiastic and informative. She also answered all questions I had and addressed all my concerns. I would highly recommend meeting with someone from this office if you are considering a career in Illinois as a real estate broker - Jesse Best Regards, Jesse Petersen
Nate M
Great Interview Mike represented the company superbly. I was impressed by the organization of the presentation and his evident thorough knowledge of the business. More importantly he was a great guy that was easy to talk to, he is Real People.
Howard W
Great meeting The meeting was fantastic it was very informative. Tim the walked me through everything, answered all my questions and help me get set up on all the websites that are important to my success with RPR.
Daksha P
Great meeting Review of Tim Ryan Tim gave me some really good ideas about where and how I should start off. Plus he gave me suggestions on which videos will help me learn more towards my successful real estate career.
Sandra G
Initial meeting with Mike Johnson From the initial call, the face to face meeting, his presentation, explanation of documents, showing me around and introducing me to those in the office was all very professional, yet friendly. It was all short and sweet, and had I known about your firm I would've gotten back in a few years ago. Thanks
Daniel R
Interview went great My meeting with Charley went well. I have decided that Real People Realty is a good fit for me. I will be contacting Charley soon about moving forward
Marie D
Interview with Charlie Review of Christina Wallek She is delightful, glad I went. Have to do some considering but your office is high on my list for honesty and being forthcoming. I should be able to make a decision by the end of October. Very impressed with her!!!
Inverview Interview went well. Company seems to have what I'm looking for in a Real Estate Company. I'll be making the move in a few short days.
Karry R
Meeting Good meeting Good information about my geo farm.
Karry R
Meeting Good meeting, helped me in starting my geo farm
Rick F
Meeting Review of Tim Ryan Thank you for time Tim! I feel I now have several defined ways to generate leads. Open houses, FB ads, Cold calling, Past clients, walk & talk,and warm circle. I am committing a little time each day to watch training vids, and learn how to launch effective ads on FB. I have a lot more hope AFTER meeting with you, than before. Like I said, if it wasn't 100+ miles, 2 hour round trip to the office, you'd see a lot more of me :) Thanks again, Rick
Dora K
Meeting with Charley Very informative, and she is very knowledgeable
Bill S
Meeting with Charley Charley was very informative and helped me answer my questions about your business. I will be meeting again with her next Wednesday at 4pm to begin my career with you.
Brenda F
Meeting with Charley Review of Christina Wallek My meeting with Charley was productive. Chatley is very easy to talk too and extremely helpful. I look forward to work with Charley when needed. My rating is 5 stars!!
John C
Meeting with Charlie I had a good experience talking with Charlie. I am considering your realty. I am concerned because I would need a lot of help starting out as a part-time agent.
Pamela J
Meeting with Charly My appointment with Charly went well. She and Mike provided useable information and were open and informative when answering my questions.
Kim W
Meeting with Mike I really enjoyed speaking to Mike as he was very knowledgable about other opportunities I am interested in. He didn't make me feel like I was just a dollar sign. He made me feel like I was already part of the team. I especially liked the information given on the training / mentoring program of RPR. I was also impressed with the fact I got to meet one of the owners (Tim), and he also made me feel like I was already part of the family. I enjoyed the time they both gave me as each one insured me that I was making the right choice. I can't wait to learn more and get started!!!
Daniel M
Meeting with Mike Tim, I have nothing but great things to say about Mike. He was extremely through and the appointment was very informative. At the end of the session, I had no questions to ask because he covered pretty much everything I thought about asking.
Sam F
Meeting with steve Review of Steve Johnson My first meeting with Steve was very productive. I'm able to focus on what I need to do to reach my goal until the end of the year. I can't wait to see my production increase with the help and mentoring of Steve.
Violet F
Mike Johnson Mike is very knowledgeable considering his short career in real estate. He made me feel very comfortable and is very personable. In the end the decision was made to join RPR. I can't wait to meet the rest of the staff...
Tarik H
Mike review Hi Tim! Mike was very helpful at explaining the business and explaining to me the instructions regarding training and orientation. He also let me know that if I were to need help with anything I can call the office during hours and somebody will be able to assist me. Overall 5/5
Lavonda H
My weekly call My weekly call went very well! I few things I need to do but after talking to Tim I always feel very motivated and that anything is possible! I look forward to my weekly calls even when I know he is going to let me have it! lol! Thank you Tim for all that you do!
Sherman B
New Agent Unlike some of the "competitors", like Kale, with my initial inquiring phone call to RPR, Mike responded to me almost instantaneously, not days later. However, we did get disconnected and played phone tag because of my schedule, but Mike stayed on top of me. Finally when we had a conversation that day, even long after business hours, Mike was still very thorough and patient. I didn't feel like he was rushing me at all. The conversation was so informative and intriguing that I met with him the very next day to sign up. Throughout the process of me signing up, at no point did I ever feel like I was signing up with a company as large as RPR. I think everyone, even though I only met Mike so far, did a great job at making me feel like a priority versus feeling like just another number. One of my major concerns without me even mentioning it was addressed. I needed/wanted to have owners (managing brokers) that were accessible and not a phantom so that I can learn as much as possible to be the best. The system and technology that is in place gave me that chance and more. I was even given the cell number to everyone. Me being new to the industry, that was huge for me making my decision to sign with RPR. I'm a sponge and I need to be constantly fed with knowledge and info; with all the video database, continual training, and access to experts virtually or physically, I can soak up as much as possible. I prayed before I made my decision, and was a day away from signing with Kale, but there was a peace that overcame me when I stumbled upon RPR. The spirit of Tim and Steve (owners) wanting to assure the success of the agents is threaded throughout every aspect of the business. I'm excited to be a part of a great company.
Rachel G
New agent meeting Just a short note to tell you that the meeting went well. All of my questions were thoroughly answered.
Leila S
New Agent Meeting Review of Christina Wallek My meeting with Charley went very well. I got a good sense that Agents are first. The level of support, tools and cost are great ingredients for success in this industry. I am really impressed with what this firm offers to their agents. Most of all I loved Charley's energy and love for what she does!!!
Bertha B
Office support to their agents100% I am at the right office Because I have 100% new agent training 100% commision 100% support 100% office access 100% peoplework vs paperwork 100% Real People Realty for me
Bertha B
Office support to their agents100% working with a home seller gave me the opportunity to price the home. My managing broker gave me the support needed to be able to find a buyer ready and willing to buy this property.
Diane H
Orientation Great job Charlie! Thanks🙂
Kim L
Ready to get started! The information I read about RPR on its website encouraged my curiosity. After my initial phone call with Charley I was interested. During the meeting with Charley, I got EXCITED… and by the end, I was ready to get to work! I have high hopes and eager feet heading into this new adventure. Thanks for the opportunity.
Valerie V
Real Estate Broker It is a delight to work with Tim. Without his insight and humor the world of Real Estate would be boring. Thanks Tim!
Jerrell D
Real People, Real Interview Mike was fantastic in explaining the differences between RPR and others thoroughly. Great questions for me and even better answers. Most definitely will be hearing back from me very soon!
Olga P
Real People Realty ROCKS! The tools and technology offered by RPR to their agent are very helpful. The company is very nicely structured and organized, making the process seamless.
Leslie W
Realtor meeting My meeting with Michael Johnson was wonderful. He made my choice to come with your company easy.
Brenda F
Review my business Great information!
Jim T
Sign up with RPR Charley was the extreme professional. She was courteous, professional and answered all my questions.
Marilyn G
Tim Ryan Tim is pleasant, resourceful, intelligent and funny. His training sessions are informative and enjoyable.
Betty A
Tim shares great advice to better our business Tim takes time to listen and help us improve our buisness plan to meet our goals.
Valerie V
Training and Support Thank you for your insight and support.
Karry R
Weekly call Review of my current business as well as future marketing Talked about using Facebook live for promoting open houses
Karry R
Weekly meeting Good meeting, helping me get back on track
Karry R
Weekly meeting Good meeting, talked about my listing inventory and ways to stay on track. Thanks Tim Aka TBone
Wonderful Staff The team members are friendly and ready to help
Omar D
Interview with Mike Hello Tim, the interview went very well. Mike answered all the questions that I had and explained parts of the process that that we need to be aware when working with RPR. He is very helpful and it gives me confidence that things are going to be very good in this company. thank you.
Valerie V
New Agent Review of Charley Gallovtich Wonderful!!! Thank you.
Karry R
Thanks Tim Great meeting. Learned a lot and came away with many great ideas on how to build my business.
Sheila E
New Broker Review of Charley Gallovitch Mike Johnson was very informative shared alot of good info regarding RPR which was my main reason I decided RPR is the place for me.
Gail D
Awesome Resource Review of Charley Gallovitch Mike is a great source of information. He is easy to talk with. I'm glad he's on my team!!
bessie k
Career Consult Meeting I met with Tim to discuss what my career goals were and he not only provided me with some great ideas that I had never thought of trying but he also showed me the tools that our company offers it's agents. There is so much information that agents can access online via the company website. He also gave me some insight on the area I am interested in working with and I was pleased to find out how many homes have sold within the last year. Tim and everyone else I've talked to at the company have been extremely helpful and respond to emails and messages quickly. I am happy that I decided to go with Real People Realty.
Meeting w/ Mike Johnson Mike was very polite and healthy . He went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make sure I understood all aspects of the company. I felt welcomed and I look forward to working with Real People Realty.
Scott D
A step up Being a broker for years, I understood the ins and outs of the industry. What impressed me is the amount of technology provided to us. This will help take my business to the next level.
Tina F
New Agent Review Tim I thought the initial meeting was great, very informative and personal. It didn't feel like a standard agent signing discussion but more catered to me becoming an agent with Real People. I'm excited about the opportunity to learn new things to help me grow my business and better serve my clients!!
Karry R
Ready to go! Our meeting was great Good information and very motivational, ready to start building my business
Patty G
Broker My appointment with Tim Ryan was great. His technology is amazing and he was very informative. Thanks Tim!
Extremely Knowledgeable Mike was extremely knowledgeable. I came in with numerous compliance-related questions and he answered them all perfectly.
Ali A
Great Benefits to joining! I enjoyed talking with Mike about Real People Realty and exploring all the benefits of being part of a growing brokerage with great back office tools. I'm enjoying the newly added online sales training as well. So far it's been a good experience, and I look forward to doing business together.
Atarah M
Awesome Review of Christina Wallek I'm excited tto get started
Kathleen C
Agent Review of Steve Johnson Felt at home when I went to the meeting with Steve. I met Tim on my way out, two fine men running Real People Realty.
Kathleen C
Agent Review of Steve Johnson As it all turns out, Steve is the best! I do appreciate all his encouragements.
Ateeq S
Agent Signup Review of Tim Ryan My Agent Sign up experience was very good, all as expected, I was in and out in about an hour, and no surprises. Very smooth.
Regina R
Appointment Review of Steve Johnson I had an appointment with Steve Johnson and it went very well. I was very motivated when I left there. To my surprise, all of the help that he said was offered, was indeed online. More information than I have had time to read or comprehend. Steve took time to answer my many concerns to my satisfaction. I think this will be a win-win situation. Happy to aboard.
Paul H
August 18, 2015 Meeting Review of Steve Johnson Provided a lot of great information.
Broker Tim, As always our meetings and all very productive and I appreciate the time you spent with me. Thanks, Iim
Dharmi P
broker initial visit It was very informative and pleasant conversation with Tim.
Maya F
Appointment with Steve I really want to say Thank You again Steve for all of your help yesterday. Your paticence and knowledge of the business is invaluable. I'm really excited about being apart of RPR!
LaVonda H
Business Consultaion All I can say is I am so HAPPY that I made a decision to join this company! Tim was so Awesome and showed me things I had no ideal exist! I left from the meeting feeling so good knowing that I do have a chance to be very successful in my business I am very impressed with the support and the systems and tools that have been giving to me! I am exited about Real Estate again! Thank you Tim
Kim I
Business Consult Review of Steve Johnson This was vey beneficial. Everyone should do this to get focused. The handout was very helpful would like an electronic version.
Shelley T
Business Consult Meeting with Steve Review of Steve Johnson I enjoyed meeting with Steve and I feel I made the right decision to join RPR! In fact, I plan to meet with Steve again to further discuss how to use all the tools RPR provides to make my business a successful one.
Rajah R
Business Strategy Session Whenever I have needed Tim or Steve's assistance with my business they have always made themselves available and I have never felt rushed through our meetings. They have a sincere interest in making sure we succeed in our business.
Karla Z
Business Counseling session Tim does a great job of going through everything and answering all my questions. He helped me get my website going and understand how to utilize it.
Regina R
buyers counseling review The buyers review that I had with Steve Johnsons great. After that I left very motivated and feeling very confident. I believe real people Realty is the right choice for me.
Laura M
Career Consult After meeting with Tim yesterday I feel energized. He is very knowledgeable and is a great asset to have for a reference. It's always great to learn from the best!
Marilyn G
Career Consult My appointment with Steve was amazing. Steve is extremely knowledgeable, he gave pointers on how to maximize my social media networks, reaching out to neighbors of my new listings, the latest technology, branding and so much more. Thank you Steve, I am closing to reaching my real estate goals as a result of meeting with you.
Angela B
Career with RPR Review of Christina Wallek It was a pleasure speaking with Mike and transferring my license to RPR. I appreciate your honestly, flexibility and the customer service that accommodate the urgency, but made it appear effortless. Much appreciated, I'm glad to be part of the family. Thank you!
Dreena J
Good Impression...... My Meeting with Mike was great! I actually enjoyed the conversation. They say the first impression is a lasting one. I feel like I am off to a good start here at RPR.
Karry R
Great experience My experience so far has been great Mike has been very helpful and has explained everything to me. Plus the orientation was great as well. I do still have questions for a few things but they are minor and I'm sure will be no problem
Tom F
Grow your Business I just finished meeting with Tim. If you have questions, Tim provides direct and succinct answers. He possess a prodigious wealth of knowledge relating to the Real Estate Industry.
Carlyn J The training session was very informative. I have been wanting to look for a contact management co. and did not realize I had one all this time. I will start using the entire system. I'll let you know of my progress. Thanks again.
Katy R
Initial Meeting Mike was very affable, professional and able to answer my questions/ concerns. It was surprising to learn that he was not always in the real estate profession. He is definitely an asset to this company! If other brokers were represented by people like Mike, realtors (like me!) might not have moved elsewhere. Keep up the good work and thanks for your help!
Gail D
Mike Johnson is Great! I had a wonderful interview with Mike and a great follow up call. He's genuine. That's why I'm excited to join Real People Realty - it seems like a down to earth, genuine, care about their agents place.
Muhammad J
viewing the technical support provided by the RPR to the agents The meeting with Mr. Steve Johnson was very knowledgeable and I like to implement those strategies towards the marketing properties and like to pursue leads in finding the clients or prospects those are interested in the real estates.
Jennifer S
Company Overview Review of Tim Ryan I met with Tim about becoming an agent with RPR. It was a very pleasurable experience. I had many concerns about being new to real estate and not having any experience yet, joining a company that is 100% commission sometimes means that there's little to no training or support, Tim really made me feel comfortable in knowing that they have spent time restructuring RPR to promote success for not only the seasoned real estate professional but also for new agents alike. I'd definitely refer anyagent to RPR. Tim was great and laid it all out on the table...upfront, honest and straight to the point!
Sophia G
Wed Meeting Review of Tim Ryan Reverse Prospecting info was awesome.
Melinda S
Post Interview with Mike The interview exceeded my expectations.I was impressed with the help and technology that you offer your agents to be successful in the business. It was a pleasure to talk with Mike.I left with a good feeling that I will have more exposure with my business and a support group whenever I will need it.
Doug J
Doug J Pleasant and informative. My initial perception is great. I am looking forward to being a Broker with this company.
jason small
EXCELLENT COMPANY Review of Steve Johnson I was very pleased with the meeting that I had with Steve yesterday. So pleased in fact, I am now a new member of the team. The company is so organized, and up beat with all of the technological advances. They really have many resources to offer their brokers and I am happy to be on board.
Extremely helpful Totally professional
Lenard L
Excellent I plan to join Asap
Don S
First meeting Every time I talk with someone from the office they all are so enthusiastic and rave about the office. It was a first meeting I've learned a lot there's a lot to learn and I'll be seeing you. Good job
Chequita D
Going to the next Level Review of Steve Johnson Meeting with Steve was an eye opening experience.He helped me understand how my transferable skills could take my career to the next mountain. Thanks RPR
Taj A
Good Review of Steve Johnson It was pleasant interview very encouraging
Jerome W
Good Company...Good Leadership Review of Steve Johnson Met with Steve yesterday. He was very informative regarding not only the opportunity with Real People Realty but also the industry in general. I am still in the pre-licensing phase so this information was greatly appreciated. The combination of new modern office facilities, high tech applications and highest compensation plan create a very compelling offer. Steve and Tim are straight-shooters and this company is positioning itself become a real estate powerhouse.
Good interview Steve, was very helpful to describe RPR's business model. He also listened attentively to my story and how my experience would fit into their organization structure. Glad both Steve and Tim followed up immediately to a request for a face to face meeting. I was very impressed with the detail hands style Steve exhibited.
Brian O
Good Meeting Review of Steve Johnson will set up apt to join on May 8
Andre B
Good Meeting Review of Steve Johnson I really appreciate your time and help setting up my business cards and digital format. I also have a better idea how to move forward with my business. Thank you.
Jeaneen D
Great Interview for Company Overview with Tim Ryan My first impressions of what it would be like working with the team at Real People were positive and encouraging. Tim was personable and shared a wealth of information. He not only covered what I could expect from the company for support, technology and compensation, but also insights on how to structure and run a successful business. I came away with the perspective that the philosophy and processes of their company would be a great fit to support my business and give me excellent tools to meet and exceed my personal goals.
Nikki K
Great Meeting I learned alot.
Denai Parker
I have no complaints The owners were very easy to talk to and appear to truly be interested in helping their agents succeed. I am certainly looking forward to closing many transactions under the Real People Realty umbrella.
Lindsay M
Interview Review of Steve Johnson Steve was very friendly but professional at the same time. I was at ease talking with him. It didn't seem like an interview, more like just conversation. He talks about Real People Realty with pride for its continued growth and is excited for its potential.
Deborah S
interview I'm persuaded and looking forward to more closings
Nayef (Andy) E
Interview to Join RPR The meeting went very smooth. I carried on the conversation with Tim as if I knew him for years. Tim was very helpful, and gave me the impression that he is sincere, honest and knowledgable. I think I will enjoy working with Tim.
Danica B
Interview with Mike Mike was very knowledgeable and will to answer all the questions that I had. He convinced me that RPR would be a good fit for me. I'm huge on education and mentoring. He has always returned my calls expeditiously. I'm looking forward to working with you all.
Regina R
Interview with Steve The interview was a pleasure. All of my questions were answered. Any concerns that I had were released. It was a very hopeful interview.
Michael R
Interview with Steve Johnson Review of Steve Johnson I think the discussion went well. Steve explained the new mobile app which was similar to the Zip Realty one that I have used. I understand that there is some lead generation that is given on a rotating basis to agents that want them. I look forward to joing RPR again. Mike Romig
Dipak P
Meeting It was pleasant meeting with Tim. Very help full meeting and made decision same day.
Rajah R
Meeting Review of Steve Johnson Our meeting was very informative and helpful. There are some really helpful tools provided free of charge that I'm looking forward to implementing such as setting up my website, marketing through and the mobile. Can't wait to get everything set up.
Hafeez H
Meeting It was a pleasant meeting
Maria C
Meeting Steve My first time meeting with Steve was awesome,Steve took the time to answer all my questions as if we had known each other for years. No script and no stuffed shirts. Now I know why they choose the name Real People Realty.
John S
Meeting Tim Tim is the image of what my son (which I never had) would have become. There can be no higher level of respect and trust for anyone else in my universe. I look forward to contributing to this company with all the experience I have gathered...John
John S
Meeting Tim I have gathered the necessary documents to start working in Tim's organization. He has the same spirit I do.
Meeting with Steve Review of Steve Johnson I enjoyed meeting Steve on Friday. I spent some time getting to know him, and decided to join RPR. I look forward to a positive relationship with the company.
Pam G
Meeting With Tim Tim it was great meeting with you and joining your company. I was so impressed with what you have to offer I called an agent I used to work with and suggested she check out this company. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you.
Joe G
Meeting with Tim on 3/2/15 Tim was very informative and helpful as always. Thanks
Anthony W
Monthly Coaching Session Ilook forward to meeting with Steve every month to pick his brain on everything from marketing strategies to how to take advantage of leads to how to provide top quality service. I don't feel like I'm on my own with Steve and look forward to my monthly meetings with him.
More than I expected! So happy that I join your firm, your company has excided my expectations with your programs, up to date technology and so much more, eager to start learning all over, I could have not made a better decision....thank you for the opportunity
Maya F
My Appointment with Steve I really enjoyed my meeting with Steve everything went well. He was very warm and made me feel right at home. He assisted me with my paperwork and answered all of my questions with ease. I feel right at home with Real People. By the time I got home I had received my welcome email from Michelle in administration with everything I needed to get started with Real People. I love the fact that I didn't have to wait to get started and I really appreciate being handled in a professional manner. If this is what I have to look forward to than I know that I'm in good hands with Real People Realty! Thank you Tim for sending me to Steve and his staff they're great! Sincerely Maya
LaVonda H
MY ONE ON ONE WITH TIM RYAN Review of Tim Ryan Once again I had a one on one with Tim Ryan and all I can say is Wow! Every time I get the opportunity to sit down with Tim I walk away feeling so motivated! Here is a Broker that offers 100% Commission but takes time with you like he is getting 50% of your earnings! I always learn something new and walk away with more knowledge then I had when I walked through the door! What I do like about Tim is you never feel rushed in your meeting with him. Most brokers have you on a little time slot and when you finish the meeting you always feel like you did not talk about what you wanted too! Not the case at all with Tim! I do feel joining this company was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! The only way I would not be successful in my career is because of me! all the tools are on the table with this company! I am very happy to say I am a part of Real People Realty and that's exactly what you get REAL PEOPLE!!
LaVonda H
My Weekly check in on Friday the 13th I look forward to my Friday one on one talks with TIm Ryan! Always very positive and extremely helpful! After Tim and I talk on Fridays I always hang up feeling like there is not anything I can not accomplish! I get more and more motivated and look forward to my Friday calls! Thank you very much Tim! You have no ideal how much your calls mean to me!
Rajah R
Office Meeting Review of Steve Johnson The meeting went excellent. I really appreciate the one on one time, and I didn't feel rushed at all. That was missing from my last brokerage. They had a lot of group trainings but one on one strategey sessions had to be paid for through coaching. I also appreciate the sincerity in wanting to help me reach my goals and be successful. The meetings are very down to earth and helpful.
Marilyn S
One-on-One Training Meeting with Steve was soooo helpful. He's patient and explains things very well. I very much appreciate being able to schedule one-on-one training.
Bernie B
Opening Interview Review of Steve Johnson I truly enjoyed our discussion and was amazed at the face of contemporary "high tech" real estate and how we can practice this business today! I look forward to being apart of this team.
Robert W
Realtor Position I feel like the company really cares about the employees and are willing to provide all the resources to ensure they are successful. I look forward to my employment with Real People Realty.
Tina H
Reviewing my experience so far Review of Steve Johnson My appointment went very well, I have found everything so far to be really helpful in getting set up with everything
Laquesha M
RPR Agent It is great to be back with Real People Realty. I am with the services available to both agents and clients. Steve was great to speak with and offered some great advice.
Arnold D
RPR Opportunity Review of Christina Wallek Mike Johnson did a terrific job of showing me why choosing to be part of RPR is so unique compared to other brokerages: 1) They allow you to keep 100% of your commission. 2) You will get trained by the best trainers in the real estate industry. You do not need to invest in expensive real estate courses as they will already have them. Save your money. 3) They provide you with leads based on the areas you would like to cover. You simply need to respond to the leads quickly as they are scrubbed. So you will avoid wasting time calling back bad numbers. 4) You can do cross marketing with all listings in the company. Meaning you are allowed to advertise on your post cards, marketing materials, and social media another agent's listing. This will help new agents get exposure. Fake it until you make it.... 4) You have a variety of designs and colors to choose from with regard to the logos of the company that will highlight your particular brand or style of marketing. 5) They are various offices to meet clients or work from that have receptionists, computers, desk space, coffee, and copiers a available 24hr/7days 6)You can schedule times with the owners or managing brokers to help you with your business and discuss specific concerns in order to succeed and make sure you are doing the correct things in your business. And so much more benefits and value you will gain by being part of the RPR family.
Alice H
Sales Broker Info session with Tim Ryan went extremely well. Tim was very knowledgeable and very candid. Looking forward to working with the organization.
James Tankersley Jr
Starting my career Review of Steve Johnson Steve is a great Guy to talk with, he gave me good advise about this business and a point to start. Looking forward to working with the whole team
Frieda E
technical help Great! Really helped me
Charley G
Technology Driven This company provides so much support and training to assist it's Brokers and look out for our clients! It's a great opportunity to grow your business and keep current with laws, technology, marketing and customer service.
Technology meeting with Steve I met with Steve yesterday and the meeting went very well. Having the technology meeting was very beneficial, I have a better understanding of how to navigate through the websites and mobile app that will help me build my business. I'm very excited to be working with RPR.
Shirley B
The third counsultation Review of Steve Johnson Because I have missed a lot of the in office training it was imperative that in order for me to keep my business going updates on technical skills is a must. So far I have been updated and activated my website, I have posted on face book. My sessions have been very informative and oh so helpful in getting me ready to approach more clients. I am so thankful for all of Steve's help.
LaVonda H
Weekly Call with TIm As always any meeting that I have with Tim is a great one! On the phone on face to face I always feel like I have so much support and encouragement from Tim. Things that I knew I should have been doing but never did are finally now happening because of Tim. Each time I speak to him I feel like things are going to be great moving forward which keeps me going! I am so Thankful and Grateful to have made the decision to join RPR!
eric b
Top Notch Hey Tim, It was nice meeting you. You were very informative and made feel very comfortable moving forward. I'm looking forward to our working together!
Donna Reed
Thanks! Review of Tim Ryan Enjoyed getting to know more about your team and what you do!
Joe G
Visit with Tim Review of Tim Ryan It was a pleasure to meet with Tim the other day. He was very informative. I am happy I made the move to RPR. Thanks
Gary Z
Tim "Real People" Ryan Tim is always ready to help. He always makes you feel like you're extremely important to him. He genuinely wants you to succeed. Plus his knowledge of the latest tools and how to put them to work for you is second to none. When I joined Real People Realty, I thought it would be a temporary position, but now this is where I'm staying.
Nayef E
Website issues, listing marketing Tim was very helpful, patient and take a simple approach to explain. All done with a friendly attitude and a smile on his face. I enjoy working with Tim. Tim thanks a million.
Marcia S
Website Set Up
The website setup meeting was very informative and productive. Thanks Tim
John Z
Website I am glad I booked the appointment, as I am pleased to join RPR. Tim brought me up to speed on the website setup and my site is now live. I like the many tools that RPR made available to me.
Syed A
Join RPR
Tim is very knowledge and thorough. Our meeting was very encouraging. RPR is the company I was looking for
Nikki K
Tim got me going on my website. It was so fast and simple for him. And made some suggestions. Thanks Tim!!
Julie O
Career Consult
 I met with Tim to discuss how I could get my business on track and begin generating new leads, and after leaving our meeting I felt very motivated and ready to succeed. Tim is very encouraging and helpful! This is truly a great company to work for!
Ann S
Join RPR Review of Tim Ryan
I met with Tim Ryan on 7-19-12 to discuss the birth of RPR, it's vision, and costs involved with getting started there. Tim was very helpful and thorough. Their vision and goals are up to date with technology and reality. Therefore, RPR is exactly the type of company I'd like to be a part of.
Career Consult Review of Tim Ryan
Sharise W. says: I met with Tim to discuss some things that I should be doing now with respect to generating more leads and giving myself more internet visability. Tim was so helpful and patient with me, I learned more from him in a few hours than I've learned in five years. He really wants to see me succeed, and it was geniune. Our meeting was insightful and encouraging, and it was just what I needed to continue on this career path!
James T
Great experience Review of Steve Johnson
 I had a great time talking with Steve. Looking forward To the experience.
Don M
A Brokers Fresh Start Review of Steve Johnson
My initial experience with Real People Realty went very well. Transitioning from two previous agencies that seemed to care much more about THEIR bottom line than mine, I was encouraged with the pleasant, frank demeanor Steve exhibited. His presentation was transparent. The only item I was not aware of was the transaction fee. Because of RPR's overall fee structure the fee per transaction will be the lowest fee I will incur in real estate sales, hands down. It should be a selling point! All in all I'm confident that with the time and consideration I have received thus far from both Steve and Tim I will be a successful Real Estate Broker.
Kim G
Website Setup Review of Steve Johnson My appt with Steve Johnson was great. Got a lot accomplished learned how to navigate the backoffice of RPR website.  It was a good meeting very appreciative.
A Warner
Business Consult Review of Steve Johnson My appointment went well.  I enjoyed talking with Steve about RPR and all the benefits for new agents.
B Flannagan
Sign Up Review of Steve Johnson good experience with Steven.

Glad to be aboard!